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sorry if this has already been posted, but ive got some biltins that are 4 weeks old and they started making a jingling noise when i was riding. i looked down and 3 of the metal bits on the outside (the shields im pretty sure) were hanging off and just moving around. when i took them apart i saw that the other ones had a piece of wire keeping the shield and this one didnt. eventually i found it on the hanger but when i put it back on the shield it just kept falling off again. am i missing an easy way to put the shield back on? and are there replacement shields i could buy? thanks

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same thing happened to me, except when i was taking the bearings out of my wheels. the shields on biltins aren't actually meant to come off, so i don't think you'll be able to get them back on. maybe if you contact abec 11, they might do something about it
just get rubber shields from an old set of bearings. stops most dirt coming in and fits like a glove
yeah dude that happened to mine.. every single shield has fallen out and i dont ride with them anymore. they spin a lot better but you have to clean them more often
ok thanks ill try that. also my wheels use to free spin for ages and now they stop really suddenly. do you think this is cos of the shields or could it be the little bit of rust on my trucks?

your bearings need a clean.

biltin shields are removeable, they are held in by that wire circlip

when refitting shields make sure that the shield is sitting just below the circlip groove.

start with one end of the clip in the groove, and work around to the other end of the clip.

you should be able to refit the circlips without any tools.

Seen this happen, but never had the problem myself... the c clip should go back on.  Follow the instructions ^^^^
thanks everyone for the help. im about to clean my bearings and ive seen people reccomend morning fresh and then some meth. do you need to clean the bottle after using the detergent and get all of it out of the bearings before using meth? and i have a cleaning kit so do i just cut a hole in the top of a gatorade bottle, put the bolt through and put a nut on either side of the lid? thanks

sorry to bring this up but i finally cleaned them and they spin great. i got some old shields from other bearings too but when i put them on the wheel doesnt turn. i guess the shield goes too far in and is touching the balls or something. any way around this?

Nup, it's gonna explode.

But on a serious note, do you feel like it is slowing you down when skating?
If that is a no, then don't worry about it.
If that is a yes, try different shields.
If that doens't work, just run them without any.

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