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Looking for some cheap slide wheels that wear out
Or some expensive slide wheels that last for ages

Yes, I know, "it depends on the skater how the wheels wear out".

Also feel free to argue  your point about wheels.

Hillarity will ensue.

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Thanks for letting us know.
get some centrax boobs ya cunt
nope rainskate mega tsunami, take one slide to break in the thane lines everywhere... allthough they do wear out fast
speedballs 69mm 83a are a sweet slide wheel and mine have lasted ages (a bit coned though)
Blueys, Swampys or Hesher Snowballs for that icy stuff.
My wheels don't have points, they're round.
blue venom cannibals are boss. swampys are decently icy. and retro freerides are pretty good once worn in
Not looking for icy. I tried Abec 11 Freerides 84a. I almost tipped my board. Buttery slides are beautiful. I love bro-tangs, but they die way too easily, 1 decent sesh and they're screwed.
long lasting - early, venom, retro freerides

short life - sector 9 centreset round lip 78a, any otang, any landyachtz thane
Oh Tuure, I should have put that better but I meant, Heshers for the icy stuff. The Swampys look super buttery
cannibal thane is tits and the 83a stuff lasts ages and is great
abec11 freerides are sick exept they do wear down quickly

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