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Simply, can avengers take 75mm whilst riding 90a bushings reasonable loose??



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topmounts and big wheels are the shizz!!!


you said it cunt

Benbro said:
wtf?crew killin it on that combo worldwide.

Mike River said:
ew, topmounts and big wheels....
Depends what brand your wheels are mate

i used crails, on avenger without risers and monster hawgs... why? because i use that setup for Dh and have hard bushings in there anyways so i don't need super turny trucks. i use.. purple and yellow venoms barrels.


when i loosen it up with yellow and orange venoms barrels, i can run 70mm wheels with no trouble for freeriding, etc.


it depends mostly on ur trucks and bushings.


also, not being a fat bastards helps. 

hahaahah the way to do it michael!
I used to have an Avenger set-up with Crails (Blue Khiro barrells) and 85mm Seismics - no risers.  I weigh 90+kg's and had no problems with wheel bite ...

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