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At 17:29 on June 11, 2013, charliefisher said…

Thanks a lot Rob, for all the prizes I am thinking of putting a angles beach GROM bomb on so I'll give them out there but in advance THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!

At 20:20 on June 6, 2013, charliefisher said…

Heyy Rob I am going to start making longboards I got a builder making me like a dubble rail press.

At 14:54 on April 25, 2013,
Premium Member
matti rae

hey mate, just making sure i get a spot for the all stars race... this time i think I'll save the J till after the race instead of before the finals, haha... cheers

At 20:56 on September 12, 2012, Nic g said…
Hey rob can you message me on fb or asra , I really want a spot in deep end ? Please reply ASAP
At 16:25 on September 11, 2012,
Premium Member
James Stokes
Hey rob can I rego for deep end?
At 14:35 on June 25, 2012, charliefisher said…

Rob go to i made the website

At 17:31 on April 1, 2012, Bern (Mum) McWhinnie said…

Hey Rob - good luck at Newtons this year !   xxxx

At 21:08 on October 12, 2011,
Premium Member

Yo how do I get this 100 bucks to ya?

how's it all going?

At 11:09 on August 14, 2011,
Premium Member
The Dave
Cheers dude. Sounds gnarly. I'm trying to pace myself and not rush back into it - just rolling on flatland and doing some pumping. hearing about your re-injury pulled me up short (that and every man and his dog reminding me about it - haha). Hope it doesn't happen to you again. Catch ya.
At 19:25 on May 28, 2011,
Premium Member
Daniel Witchey

hey rob,

thanks so much for lending us the go pro, sole will drop it off tomoz


At 13:11 on January 16, 2011,
Premium Member
I just sent you an email but I am not sure if it worked. Let me knownif you get it.
At 0:17 on October 25, 2010, Finn said…
Hey man.
So sorry for the board hitting your ankle tonight. Bugs put the board down and when it rolled into you it took a second for me to realise what happened. Its my board but so I take responsibility. It must have hurt like a mother. Sorry again dude.
At 10:48 on July 9, 2010,
Premium Member
Hey mate,

Not much is doin over here bro. Trying to put together a little vid to show off the spots we skate in the city... been raining a bit though so haven't made much progress. Got some cool footage of BM's last night. The groms are on school holidays, so even though it was wet they were all keen to hit up a dry carpark.

I want to organise a little jam in the city soon so i'm hoping the vid will get people keen to come and get involved. Should do. Got some cool shit on there already. Blackwoods dervish getting run over... Kam crashing... me crashing... groms crashing. No bones poking out of legs but pretty funny stuff to watch all the same. Blackwood made up some shirts with the new logo (Rip off of the santa cruz logo) some are fucked but he saved me a sick one, wore it last night was super stoked on it. - I'll gee him up to save one of em' for you.

Anyway, keep cruising mate. Say g'day to your wife and have fun in France getting wasted and cheering the crew on to victory! Also, that comp you put on over there was a sick idea man. Props to you for giving the peru crew something to race for. See you when i'm looking at you bro.
At 17:10 on July 3, 2010, Kam Kite said…
Hey man whats cracken
At 12:40 on June 3, 2010,
Premium Member

just thought you might like to see the first bamboo number in the making. 38-9 variable WB between 30 and 28.5, just needs fiberglass on top. already stiff as with nice healthy W. This one three layers of 4mm bamboo but keen to try 2 layers when i get the concrete mould sorted. obviously looking at other designs with drop and drop through but????? heal up. dont get tpo out of it at all the races and fall over nad make it worse. haha.
At 14:50 on May 19, 2010,
Premium Member
Stephen Daddow
Hey mate I heard what happen and feel for you man. I know you have been ripping it up and doing Australia proud !!! Heel up fast like the fast skater you are. I emailed Stephan at Almabtrieb to let him know and to pass the word.
Hope you also had a rad and wonderful wedding bro.
Take care mate and let me know if there is anything I can do or help you with. Peace.
At 11:45 on April 29, 2010,
Premium Member
Hope the wedding went well. congrats to both of you.
At 18:00 on April 22, 2010, jason treloar said…
hey rob what song is at the start of ur Chupaca video?
At 21:45 on April 17, 2010, peta marshall said…
YOUR THE BEST BRO!!!!! very proud of you.
At 23:13 on April 15, 2010,
Premium Member
Yewww! Show em' how its done over there bro. Ride fast and take home the cashola!

- Then its off to get married... again! Ha ha! Fuck yeah!
Stoked for you and Maga mate. All the best.


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