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Race Report: Eastbourne Speed Days Day 1
Written by Marcus Rietema
Friday, 21 August 2009

Mischo Erban on his way to posting Friday's fastest qualifying time. Photo Sven von Schlachta

Eastbourne, England - Mischo Erban paced the qualifying on a cool, windy day during the first day of Downhill Skateboard qualifiying for Sunday's Eastbourne Speed Days. The Canadian's time came relatively early in the session under possibly calmer conditions than those encountered by his main rivals.

Erban's time of 1:38.925 was more than four seconds quicker than his closest rival. Finishing second was Australian Jackson Shapiera with a time of 1:43.176. It was an impressive performance that he hopes can duplicate on Saturday. Current IGSA World Champion and 2008 World Cup Series Champion Scoot Smith was third with a time of 1:43.781. The defending race champion from Canada put in a a solid performance and is confident he can improve his time on Saturday.

Jackson Shapiera and Adam Yates share a practice run on Friday. Photo Sven von Schlachta

Finishing in fourth was Clement Gayraud from France with a time of 1:44.217. Rounding out the top five was Patrick Switzer with a time of 1:44.362. Switzer missed nearly all of the morning practice session taking only one run prior to qualifying. With a full morning of practice tomorrow he should definitely get quicker.

Erban, Smith, Switzer and Shapiera are currently locked in a four-way battle to win the 2009 IGSA World Cup Series Championship. With all four of the skateboarders finishing in the top five yesterday the competition is certain to heat up for Saturday's final qualifying session. Erban currently leads the points chase and a win on Sunday would certainly give him some breathing room. His three main rivals are all thinking the same thing.

Scott Smith sits in third after Friday's qualifying. Photo Sven von Schlachta

Eastbourne is round number four of the 2009 World Cup Series and it's completion will mark the half way point of the season. Whoever comes out on top in Eastbourne will be in a good position for the rest of the year. Tomorrow's weather forecast is calling for relatively calm winds so all of the skaters hope to improve their times significantly.

A total of 121 downhill skateboarders made qualifying attempts on Friday. Only the top 64 qualifiers will make it into Sundays elimination rounds. Saturday's final qualifying session promises to be a pressure cooker.

Eastbourne's countryside creates a perfect natural ampitheater. Photo Sven von Schlachta

Eastbourne Speed Days Friday Qualifying Leaders

Open Downhill Skateboarding (121 Riders)
1. Mischo Erban, CAN 1:38.925
2. Jackson Shapiera AUS 1:43.176
3. Scoot Smith CAN 1:43.781
4. Clement Gayraud FRA 1:44.217
5. Patrick Switzer CAN 1:44.362
6. William Brunson USA 1:44.546
7. Sergio Sebastio Garcia SPN 1:45.145
8. Mike River GBR 1:45.967
9. Christoffer Sanne NOR 1:45.971
10. Thibault Courtois FRA 1:46.564
11. Alexander D'Elia Martin SPN 1:46.868
12. Marcel Isler FRA 1:48.035
13. Alexander Horthe NOR 1:49.357
14. Liam Fourie RSA 1:49.526
15. Jorgan Halvorsen NOR 1:49.936
16. Trygve Jorundland NOR 1:50.129
17. Adam Yates AUS 1:50.224
18. Darren Rathbone GBR 1:50.485
19. Jason Fry GBR 1:50.627
20. Hakon Hansen NOR 1:50.722

Street Luge (25 Riders)
1. William Stephenson GBR 1:29.447
2. Chris McBride USA 1:29.450
3. Yvon Labarthe SUI 1:29.623
4. Damo Damo SUI 1:29.725
5. Peter Eliot GBR 1:30.350
6. William Condon CAN 1:30.586
7. Len Stocker GBR 1:30.917
8. Fabien Prual FRA 1:31.352
9. Alex Frischauf AUS 1:32.113
10. Greg Gerber FRA 1:32.850

Classic Luge (18 Riders)
1. Michael Serek AUS 1:30.574
2. Maxime Rubi FRA 1:31.987
3. Yvon Labarthe SUI 1:32.130
4. Chris McBride USA 1:34.215
5. Craig Deltour FRA 1:34.245
6. Fabien Prual FRA 1:34.845
7. William Stephenson GBR 1:34.916
8. Damo Damo SUI 1:35.369
9. Maxime Fouquet FRA 1:35.704
10. Peter Eliot GBR 1:36.282

Complete Qualifying Results to follow...

The spectacular chalk cliffs of Beachy Head rise 535 feet (163m) above the sea. Photo Sven von Schlachta

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Comment by Robbo on August 22, 2009 at 16:46
Are Michael Serek and Alex Frischauf Australian or did Marcus mean to write AUT?

Premium Member
Comment by Toby on August 22, 2009 at 16:56
yieww jackooo
Comment by Ben on August 22, 2009 at 17:05
congrats guys...looks like a sick road.
Comment by Aych on August 22, 2009 at 18:45
Comment by Robbo 1 hour ago
Are Michael Serek and Alex Frischauf Australian or did Marcus mean to write AUT?

I've been here for 3 years and know that even a typo means anyone excelling in sports, music or film become "our very own" Welcome guys >;0)

Premium Member
Comment by Benbro on August 22, 2009 at 19:54
jacko is firing,i new you could match it with the worlds best and u certainly are doin stoked to see an aussie doin so well.....yeh yeh..

Premium Member
Comment by Stephen Daddow on August 23, 2009 at 10:35
Yeah Grom keep on Ripping!!!!

Premium Member
Comment by leeso on August 23, 2009 at 11:14
how can mischo be 5 seconds quicker than everyone else...they should ban his trucks and wheels until they are availabe to everyone...that was a big issue in europe and marcus said if he keeps qualifying by such a margin they'll have is a new ball game though..kick his ass jacko

Premium Member
Comment by leeso on August 23, 2009 at 11:26
Race Report: Eastbourne Speed Days Day 2
Written by Marcus Rietema
Saturday, 22 August 2009
Erban Retains #1 Position in Final Qualifying

Mischo Erban continued his domination of Eastbourne today. Photo Dean McNeill

Eastbourne England- Mischo Erban retained his number one qualifying position under perfect weather conditions that enabled him to lower his time by a staggering 11 seconds. His run that produced a time of 1:27.917 was visibly quicker than anyone else.

Yesterday’s headwinds and cool weather gave way to a slight breeze and warm temperatures. As a result nearly every competitor was able to improve significantly on the time they posted yesterday. Moving up to second position was Scoot Smith who posted a time of 1:29.533. Scoots run was solid and he’s feeling optimistic that he can step onto the top of the podium tomorrow.

Scoot Smith moved up to second in final qualifying. Photo Dean McNeill

William Brunson from Albuquerque , New Mexico, USA was stoked to move into the number three position. The veteran racer is competing in Europe for the first time in 2009 and has adapted well to the Eastbourne course posting a time of 1:29.702. With another solid performance tomorrow, he’ll definitely be looking for a podium finish.
Padova runner up Patrick Switzer wound up fourth with a time of 1:29.810. He’s continued to improve his finishes at each of the previous three European World Cup races. Look for him to make it to the final tomorrow and if things go his way, he could win it.

William Brunson has adapted well to the Eastbourne race course. Photo Dean McNeill
Rounding out the top five was Jackson Shapiera who posted a time of 1:30.375. Jacko was second quickest in Friday’s session but couldn’t hold back the onslaught of Scoot, Brunson and Switzer in today’s final qualifying session.
123 downhill skateboarders made qualifying attempts to make it into the final 64 that will race in tomorrow’s final. It is the largest number of downhill skateboarders that have competed in a World Cup event this year and one of the largest fields ever. Tomorrow’s weather forecast is again calling for perfect conditions and the organizers are expecting record crowds.

Patrick Switzer is having another solid weekend. Photo Dean McNeill
Downhill Skateboarding Top 10 Qualifiers
1. Mischo Erban, Canada, 1:27.917
2. Scoot Smith, Canada, 1:29.533
3. William Brunson, United States, 1:29.702
4. Patrick Switzer, Canada, 1:29.810
5. Jackson Shapiera, Australia, 1:30.375
6. Christoffer Sanne, Sweden, 1:31.055
7. Adam Yates, Australia, 1:31.725
8. Oliver Nielson, Norway, 1:32.050
9. Marcel Isler, Switzerland, 1:32.214
10. Alexander D’Elia Martin, Spain, 1:32.457

Britain’s Eliot is #1 in Street Luge

Will Stephenson on his way to second position in Street Luge final qualifying. Photo Dean McNeill
Former World Cup Series Champion Pete Eliot was the number one qualifier for tomorrow’s Street Luge final with a time of 1:22.401. He was followed in second by William Stephenson at 1:22.694. To make it a British one-two. Chris McBride from the United States will start third. He posted a time of 1:23.861. 26 Street Luger’s will start the final tomorrow.

Street Luge Top 10 Qualifiers
1. Peter Eliot, Great Britain, 1:22.401
2. William Stephenson, Great Britain, 1:22.694
3. Chris McBride, United States, 1:23.861
4. Yvon Labarthe, Switzerland, 1:24.116
5. Dano Dano, Switzerland, 1:24.298
6. Alex Frischauf, Switzerland, 1:24.333
7. Fabien Prual, France, 1:24.514
8. Len Stocker, Great Britain, 1:24.551
9. William Condon, Canada, 1:25.087
10. Ben Bewley, Great Britain, 1:25.385
Comment by leighgriffiths on August 23, 2009 at 11:28
congrats jackbro. keep up the good work.

Hey leeso, what advantages does Mischo have with his trucks?
I can understand how his "holy" wheels would be faster than average racing wheels.
Comment by tom Crane on August 23, 2009 at 12:35
they have a double pivot point

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