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WTS airflow foxy, fitztech trucks, reflex bigzigs complete

Basically uni is starting and im out of cash so this badboy needs to find a new home.
The deck is amazing condition with hardly a mark on the nose or tail (seriously it hasnt hit anything just put on the ground).

The trucks have had about 10 runs on them so are pretty much brand new.
The wheels are fresh never touched the ground.

all up im looking for 220 for the complete.
photos will be up as soon as i get my camera (i.e tonight) or just email me at if you want some more information.


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Hey Tobz,

I'll ask around for you this Sunday at Allawah. You've got a very good setup its just a matter of time before it gets snapped up.

thanks for the help fitz im spewing I cant hardly skate anymore with my ankle

come on boys and girls its still sitting here



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