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wtf u talkin' about willis....longboarding terminology fer the wannabe ?

hey rad broos out thar shreddin stims to coneage in gnar-land,

any chance of somone putting up a glossary of longboarding terms..yer kno, the verbal kit ..i understand there are a few eastern state dialects out thar but hey..s'ok.

personally, i would like to know wtf a steeze is.. is it the style of your slide.. or the spot where yer stick yer tongue in yer mouth whilst shredding the said gnar.. i dunno ?


...yeeewwwww dudes !


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Steeze-Style with ease


after you look up steeze

search for 'beet" just for a laugh.....

coleman - type of slide where you put your hand behind you 

toeside - slides where you slide out behind you (your body faces up the hill)

apex - typically the optimum point of a turn you aim to take when racing (except on an original video where the 12535253 comments will be asking what they should set up on their apex 37.)

gnar - shortened gnarly, just how dangerous/steezy/hectic/ cool something is. almost always a compliment.

concave - if you pick up a board and look down the nose and see the edges going up and the middle going down thats concave, locks your feet in.

convex - opposite of concave, very rarely seen as it causes less grip

rocker - if you look at a board sideways and it dips down thats rocker. like a 9two5

camber - opposite of rocker, used on lots of loaded boards.

topmount - where the board sits on top of the trucks

drop through - where there are cutouts for the trucks

drop deck - where the wood is bent to cause the deck to sit lower

durometer - how hard or soft the wheel is, most longboard wheels between 75 and 86. 86 slidey, 75 not so slidey, measured in "a" e.g. 83a purple durians.

reverse kingpin - where in a truck the end of the kingpin sits facing out towards the ends of the boards, most common longboard trucks are this way. 


some of them might be a bit obvious, they are just off the top of my head.


SIC CLINT = sic cunt !

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