ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

One to make us think, when i first made a deck these were the groms,

Joe brown, works at a pub (OG Glyde Grom)

Ry Ry, god knows

Cooper cruise, ?????? think he is still about

Myles, electrition

Wingers, ambulance hellman

Mingalish, still doing it

Wildash, still doing it

Matthys, still doing it (broken leg)

Josh evans still doing it

Kelly grom (the profile pick with the balloon off his head at jackos 21'st) still doing it

Gnarmatige chef at hogs breath Byron.

There are so many, groms we have seen go crazy over this sport, lets get them all back into the fold.

I'm sick of the new grom brigade of BFL etc. Cept for a few they are all about standies and trash talk.

Lets call out the crew and get them back into it,,, and stand up for the ones still doing their thing????

Link them this post via Facebook and bring back the OG groms


Chris Hardy



And how can i forget the Gabe Pro model of the decking board DH deck, and his home made indo board....

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I think they discovered girls. Ha!

Wait I don't get it what's my name about?

gymps ;-)
Charlie your name is there to promote thought, a from who has been doing it for while and charging. Grins grow up, they either stick with it and get REALLY good like josh Evans and Kelly n stuff or they fade away like Ryan Ry Ry Peterson did.
I was not hassling you.
Ryry, concentrates on soccer!

You can still be a skater and do other things. crew will come and go. If a grommet really enjoys skating they will always remember the stoke and come back to the sport. Ask the older crew that still rip it up, i bet they all stepped off a deck for some period in their life. These days i  only get to skate to the supermarket when i forget things and occasionally hit the bowl, but my quiver is still there. I bet theirs is too.

Blackwood, your name came up yesterday at around 6:25 pm at the Sydney City Bomb Squad rendesvous point. You were acknowledged as one of the founding fathers... due respect was also accorded to others who have been active and involved. Sydney City Bomb Squad lives on. The faces may have changed but the passion remains. Respect.

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