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Hi looking for some wheels for my evo for riding in the wet, the bigger the better. thanks! :)

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You can never go wrong with Bigzigs with rain grooves cut into em

This is how I grove my rain wheels...they work a treat the big groves cut through the water and the smaller groves provide extra lips for grip. All eight lips had wear on them after racing Keira showing they were all gripping

wheels with grooves definetly give you added traction in the wet,but  remember that you still have way less grip than if the road was dry,...therefore be careful where you choose to ride in the wet,when your wheels let go and you do slide out you can easily end up in the oncoming traffic....its a lot harder to stop also,and takes longer to stop..,learn to control it in the wet in quiet areas,riding open rds when wet is asking for trouble.
just saying'

@Dubes,.you must of been sliding in dry patchy spots to wear all your lips at kiera,..that destroys rain wheels fast..
kiera wasnt actual wet,it was more glazed,haha,.i didnt put any wear on my rain wheels,the grooves definetly hung on better thru the mossy damp corners but lost speed in the dry straights,
they definetly work better when the road is soaked,and then wear is also non existent,.
 when it comes to the performance of wheels in various conditions,we have dry wheels and we have wet wheels but on a patchy track,neither is totally right for the job,.
someone needs to invent a wheel for patchy,.haha,..given the number of races these days,wet and patchy racing is becoming a big part of it,and with money on the line and the event itself having to go ahead in wet conditions,..a racer needs to be able to handle anything.........surely some of the companys are going to lift their R&d game and start to look at this sooner or later,sure,not as big of a market as freeride wheels,but a wheel that dominates wet racing would surely be a good seller...still amazes me a bit that every other part of our gear has developed alot,but still at every 2nd race,people are cutting hunks out of wheels at the top of the hill for grip....maybe its time for a commercially produced rain wheel with modern day knowledge incorporated....somthing that hangs on in the wet like a mofo,instant wet race domination eh.....surely its out there.

ill explain how they went when we're skating next... ill get a set to you to try out in the wet and see what you think... \


how do you groove wheels?


Benbro, DTC are doing exactly what you are talking about. Trying to come up with a formula that works in the wet with maximum speed in the dry too. Still quite a while away from finished though

on anything the spins a wheel fast....lathe is the easiest but not the only option

yeah and skittles, the ones they had at Kiera were shit house, DTC have no grip in the wet just ask the team, in the dry they are crazy grippy due to no flex, but in the wet you need the exact opposite.

yeah, they said that.  They said they found which formula not to use at the moment.  It would be interesting to see if they reduce the core size or convert to plastic core rain wheels.  Only time will tell.

I think also they were really wide, for some reason tall narrow wheels seem to be good also, like the old aqua hawgs.

push culture news has an episode and ones of the articles was a specific wheel for the rain so have a look at that

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