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Oliver and myself are gettin' into the Christmas spirit and want to greatly enhance someones Christmas by slipping them a set of our killer pucks.


All you gotta do is post up here and tell us why you think we should give the pucks to you! Easy!


We'll choose the coolest response and send that person a set of Slippery Dip Slide Pucks! Yesssss


You have until Sunday 19th Dec 11:59pm

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i need some amazingly slippery, slippery dips cause ive used everything else to stick on my gloves and they wear out within 3 or 4 skate seshes!!!!!!!! please i need some!!! :)

Because I am Rad!  So Very Very Rad!!!

Give me some because mine are starting to wear down a tiny bit, after a month and a half of lots of sliding!

If you give me these, I will offer to get into a velcro suit, slippery dip myself up, and get dragged down mt. panorama on them... (providing you provide the many pucks that would be needed to cover the suit)

I need to use the Slippery Dip Pucks because being an old Bastard it takes forever for my skin to grow back

try this one ; Josh answered Hop's blog the other day trying to win some experimental abec 11's hop had...he volunteered me to roll down the new gateway bridge in Brisbane wearing only my full face and pads and gloves and a mankini !!!!!!....worst part is my gloves and pucks are so worn out because he swapped his for mine when he bought his slippery dips for Bathurst

because i need to stick em on my homemade gloves and finally start coleman sliding, since madog realised that my "colemans" were magical handsfree hovering colemans :D

I need new pucks because I grated my pucks and made some nachos...... they were loaded pucks so they tasted like crap. I NEED TO TASTE SLIPPERY DIPS!!!

a) because im from radelaide.. b) i wanna stick them on my axels and see how they go as wheels.


Dylan Danger Batty said:

sliding these pucks is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. i have seen a falcon take down its prey and a lion mating with a zebra, yet none of these compare to feeling one gets from sliding on slippery dips. a prophet high upon a mountain once told me while drawing from his saber tooth hash pipe that one day a set of pucks would exist that trump all other slide pucks, making them useless, and this day hath brought them down from the heavens, smiting all and having its way with the wives of all world leaders. slippery dips destroy the competition in explosions of passionate UHMW death and upon doing so kill all in their way... only i could handle the epic-ness off these pucks, and that is why i should get them!

yes epic pucks,they are so slippery sik that they helped me slide my way to fith in newtons nation this year....

with the meg lack of traction in the wet,the track was like skating on ice and a puck that had an icey smooth slide was nessecary to keep everything together,and yourself over the board,

a faster wearing,slower puck would of made it way harder to keep everything sliding in sync...

no getting ripped off your board with slippery dips,those puppys just love to slide fast.....true story.


p.s.can i be on the team,?pretty keen to keep my theme with sponsors and keep it all australian!

and i can be your n.s.w. guy who reps em hard......still trying to wear out my first set tho,so i wont need many..


I tried sliding on my Radius - FAILED

I tried sliding on my Ulna - FAILED

I need Slippery Dip Slide Pucks!

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