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hey guys there were a few parents getting some pretty good pics from the race and I would really like to see some of them go into the latest heelside.


so please send them to so that I can have a look and send them off to Kurt

please give your name as well so you get your credit for the pics

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A) I too would like to see some photos as would others I'm sure

B) Bump this up so more chance of people seeing!

caspians mum put a fair few shots on face book

the FAce! blaah


let's see some photos on ASRA!

Benbro said:
caspians mum put a fair few shots on face book
Link is no good. Probably need to be friends with whoever has the album. Just stick em up here for all to see!
the other caspians dad got some good shots aswell ill ask him for them !

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