ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

The official ASRA hip hop thread. Post what your listening to right now, or your all time favorite... or both.

Post the track and artist details so crew know whats through the link.

A$AP Rocky  - Purple Swag 

Phonte - The Good Fight

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Whats everyone's Favorite Rapper Tag?

For me, Jeremedy at #40 - He killed it and pluggin' his own solo LP within the rap at the end is boss, check it out if you havent heard it!

Kerser ftw. "No fu***n with me now" is a mad G-up song for longboarding. Basically anything on Kerser's debut album "The Nebulizer" is good. Warning... More raw than EMIN3M in his early days.

motionless in white 

immaculate missconception

what about downhillers who are rappers? like bids

definalty cannot go past any horrorshow.

Such good flow when you ride.

Anyone else on If so, mine's

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