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Skatement Speedboard - Bird of Prey Alien Edition REVIEW

Firstly, I love the shape of this board sexy curves and little wings at the back to the super shmick tail. This board is pine, maple and fibreglass composite. So its the cheaper option. Its got some gnarly graphics, on the topside its got camo fabric under the fibreglass which just looks soo badass, might be a problem if i every lose it in the bush though. Underneath is a mad hand painted graphic which well it pretty much speaks for itself nothing else like it around! The custom handpainted graphics cost extra and in my opinion are well worth it.


Had a really sick session on this board at Hill Climb with 20+ people to fully test it out. This board is pretty thin and light, but this does not affect its strength at all, its got no flex – stiff as, making it super stable at speeds.

The deck is crazy good for railing those big corners, at first I thought the concave might have been a bit too extreme but I was quickly corrected after taking it for a ride. The concave fits great in my tuck making it unbelievably comfy for bombing. Its got W cave in the rear for looking you to the board. The width of the board is perfect fits my foot exactly how I like it. The little winged parts on the back are also quite good
for bustin out the odd standy here and there.

Overall i would definately recommend this board to everyone! its the greatest board ive personally ever ridden and i cant wait to see what other amazing products Adam can construct.




This one is pine, maple and fibreglass composite. So its the cheaper option

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comparison against the betty:

they are amazing.
Crocs and socks! AHAHAHA yewwwwwwwww, Interested in trying one of these

yer thats adam rockin the crocs and socks

must be the secret to amazing boards!

Everyone hassles me about the crocs and socks but look at the paint all over them, AND THE BLOODY SKATEBOARD. HAHAAH

rad shape, id love to test 1 out... but seriously, u cant not expect a lil criticism when u wear those! hahaha

skatement ....yeah boy ............

i thought i'd just show sexyness in the making. (mainly coz its mine)
Skatement<3 ahhaha

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