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We've been down this road before.

ASRA April 2011 - 7 news hatchet job

ASRA April 2012 - bad press for Adelaide

the hero vids make life so easy for the journo's!

"It showed several cars banking up behind the longboarders and vehicles passing in the opposite direction on the winding roads."

What a frikken wank. Police spend huge sums of money urging motorist to slow down!

A police spokesman said: "It is clearly an offence but my concern is not only for their safety but also for the motorists who might not be able to react to seeing a skateboard on the road.

Drivers unable to react should not be driving. Clear and simple. Drivers should have the skills or get off the road. This is a clear cut case of buffering the the fact that almost anyone is allowed behind the wheel of a car regardless of skill.

Los Angeles to restrict Skateboarders bombing hills....but not ban them

Is this the end of the tuck?

Well, at least the freeriders can still enjoy the hills!

They have to follow the speed limit and stop at stop signs. Seems fair to me.

True, it's common sense. The ban on tucking is a bit harsh though, and so hard to police. You can't corner properly standing upright - does that mean you can be pulled up for skateboarding while not riding upright if you're taking a corner? It's a bad precedent.

Dani said:

They have to follow the speed limit and stop at stop signs. Seems fair to me.

its a win for longboarders i recon,..they could of just got banned all together,.but they allowed it with a few rules,.
the skaters will still skate the hills however they want to,just getting caught breaching the rules will affect the individual with an infringement but it wont affect the rest of the longboard community that are still free to go skate legally,...
and its not hard to spot a cop car and stand up,.after all if your not lookin for things as soon as they first come into view whilst skating,what are you looking at?
its amazing why they werent made to wear coloured visible vests, the 'no tuck' rule in place to aid vision or decrease speed?maybe both.

increased popularity of the sport will all ways increase the amount that cops law makers and jo public have to say. its a catch 22 asra is trying to bring the sport out into the main steam but bringing it more into public view. and we do live in a country that just loves to make rules so they cant be held at fault (NANNY NATION)

From hateboard....

On the morning of Saturday September 8th a suicide attack in Kabul claimed the lives of a number of young Afghans. The bomb was detonated outside of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) HQ, where many of the street working children of Kabul sell trinkets, scarves and chewing gum to help support their families.

We are very sad to learn that of the six young children confirmed to have passed away, four of them were students, volunteers and youth leaders at Skateistan, who were well-loved and well-known faces for the entire team in Kabul.


Tragic news for the whole skate community Bernie.

We don't realize how hard it would be to live in a war torn country.

Never take for granted the freedom we have here.

Teenage skateboarder collides with deer

When 17-year-old Ryan Vitale, a high school junior from Salt Lake City, signed up for the Buffalo Bill Downhill event, he may have been concerned about the steep turns and high speeds.

Little did he know, the biggest problem he'd face would have four legs.

Amazingly, Vitale escaped with only minor injuries after a deer darted in front of him, causing him to crash off the road.

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