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I was looking for this on this site but there doesn't seem to be one like this. So, show me your topmount speedboard (copied off of silvefish longboarding).

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So you guys are arguing and swearing at each other over the shape of a plank of wood right?

is an evo is top mount?

HOltzy said:

Oh, and top-mount refers to the truck mounting genius

matty leadfoot said:

dropped isn't a top mount.

a purist might even say a top mount doesn't have cut-outs

Id say my kebbek daddow is a topmount, but by popular definition topmount is more like the classic bullet shape

I would just like to quote from your wiki link that you didn't read the following, just so we can clear this up once and for all and oh yeah and this just FYI

Drop Decks are characterized by a riding platform that is lower than the mounting point of the trucks.

Topmount Speedboards typically feature trucks mounted on the bottom of the board and no major bends in the wood.


popcorn is for asra, not movies.


can I post pics now?

Here is one Matty posted earlier....That board is definetly a top mount

the best topmount ever

Top mount?

screw you guys, I'm taking my top thru drop mount and going home. boo hoo!

Worst thread. ever

Agreed, what a failed piece of crap.

Holtzy needs to lay off Chalie grom too.

Kelly Carter said:

Worst thread. ever

Been facepalming for a solid 2 minutes

Kelly Carter said:

Worst thread. ever

Sheesh...enough arguing! Let's post some quality pics of topspeed mountboards, people.


Mine's totally topmunted.

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