ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

We have a solid set of numbers to skate the city tonight, all are welcome!! come slash some sidewalk and carpark!!!

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dude im keen for the next sesh, missed the forums tho cuase the net is fucked lol,

where do you guys meet up?
hows tonight? wed the 31st??
too late for me,
be there friday
hows tuesday the 27th ?? one week from today?
Friday this week!
Ill most likely be there matty
ill be there, if its not raining
what time friday?
Can it be 7.00?
im good for 7, where abouts if its not raining shall we grace??
Everywhere, I cant get there till 8ish anyone wanna send me a number to call?
meet up @ wickham tce, behind the train station near anzac square
try calling 000, helped me

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