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It's that time of year again!!


The time has come once again to clean up and clear out everything in the factory.  We’re offering redonkulous discounts on our 100% North Vancouver manufactured decks including custom shapes, weights and graphics and a wide range of slightly blemished decks that need to be shred by YOU! All our Factory Sale decks are in limited quantities and ONLY being posted online to the Facebook Fan Page store (look for the Shop Now tab). 

  • Details:
  • Sales prices range from 50-80% off our regular retail.
  • Blemishes are cosmetic only. No structurally defective boards will be sold. Blemishes may include:
  • -Graphic blemishes, blurry graphics, color misprints
  • -Blank Decks
  • -Small dents or scratches
  • -Off-center cuts (1/4″ max)
  • -Wrong graphics
  • Sale starts Midnight tonight (25th) Vancouver time:
  • NO hoarding in your shopping carts, we'll be monitoring and blocking users for it.
  • All decks will be shipped out in early January
  • Shipping rates guaranteed for North America - all international orders will be contacted with exact UPS shipping rates 
  • All Sales are FINAL
For more info, check out:
- look for the SHOP NOW tab to buy
- look for the DISCUSSIONS tab to post questions

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60 usd
can i have a demonseed with an avenger graphic? is there one like that?
i got 40 postage

i got 35..

mabey they got it wrong,:P

oh well, their loss

I got $35 for postage as well but I assume it will probably end up being somewhere around $50 like last year.
the vandetta with demonseed graphic sounds delicious.
mmm... good time to get a killswich?

any day is a good day to get a killswitch

today is just excellent !!!!
Tim (Skittles) said:

mmm... good time to get a killswich?
your reckon there is a possibility to get one with off-center cutouts/ mounting though? that could cause a problem at high speed... but apart from that worry, I'm getting one!
can someone please tell me how you find out how much postage is?
buy it and see, it will be 35 and 50 australian dollars, for me, it says $33 all up...
You won't find out the exact postage until they email you sometime in the next week.

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