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anyone know where i could get some old racing slicks from, cause they have no wire in them and i could just cut some sole straight out of them?

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A racing car!
mt cotton or something hillclimb
Find a Go-kart racing track, and get some old tyres off one of the drivers. Straight rubber, no wires.
what connor said. i know arbi got his from there and there's tonnes more

cheers guys


Stuckey Dunlop imports race tyres. The other place to try is Bridgestone Australia. They'd know who would have some worn tyres. But you probably don't want the softer compounds cause when they get a little bit of heat in em they'll just suck your foot under big time. Aim for the hardest compounds. I use Truck Retread by Bandag and that gets plenty sticky pulling up from 80+ on the Luge. One of the Stand Up guys here in Hobart tried my shoe's at Bathurst 09, he said they were too grippy even cold. Be plenty careful...........trikes

Hey Billy, I race SuperKarts & can get a hold of old slicks & wets, which may work better as they seem harder compound, will talk 2 U next time I see you around Chap Hill! If they work well the supply is endless!

unless your planning on using them for luge Billy, then you're doing it wrong.

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