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Hey Crew.

So I'm building my new Longboard piece by piece. I'm looking into getting a set of Orangatang wheels, cause from stuff I've read about, and some personal experience on mates boards, they seem to be really good all-purpose wheels with enough grip for casual bombing, but enough slip to bust slides and speed checks. What I want to know is which type?

As far as I can tell, there's: Baluts, Fat Free, Stimulus, 4President, In Heat and Durian. 

What's the basic difference between type, size (and if there is one, because I heard somewhere there is)  colour? 

Whack out opinions. I understand that many of you will write off Orangatangs all together. Whatever. Throw out suggestions. Hit me.


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Baluts - Light weight core, mainly icy slide wheel

Fatfrees, Stimulus, Durian are basically the same but just vary in size and contact patch, but are mainly a more buttery free ride wheel

4president and Inheats are more of grip wheels but the 80a have a smooth slide

I stick away from Orangatang personal

What setup are you riding because then it's a lot easier to recommend something

Otang colours just represent hardness, orange, purple, yellow softest to hardest. 

Baluts - Fat core, freeride.

Fat Free, Stims, Durian - just names for 65, 70 and 75mm sizes, round lip, stone ground, nice all around wheel.

4prez and Inheat are the same thane but in square lip, meaning they will have more grip,  again the names are sizes but there is a difference in the profile.

End of the day they'll all roll and they'll all slide.

Personally I'v ridden yellow stims, purple durians and purple 4prez, and any of these wheels will suit what you're looking for, probably the smaller (70mm) race wheel in purple (83a). Two cents.

Wicked. Thanks guys, I'll definitely keep all this in mind. 

James-my set-up is in-existent at the moment (at leas the one I'm getting these wheels for anyway). My mate's helping me properly build a custom one. So I'm literally building piece by piece. On that thread, any good (and reasonably priced) truck systems you boys could advise? My style of riding is Slalom, Sliding, and a bit of casual Bombing, but nothing too hardcore. ...

50 cals with some heccas soft bushings for slalom , medium duro bushings for sliding and the ones it comes with are pretty good for dh

i would go for some classic thane zigs or big zigs depending on your deck over o-tangs but thats just a personal preference they are not bad wheels on the whole

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