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Dear Groms......


 there is no such thing as a "best" wheel, board, truck, bushing, helmet, glove or anything*. Deal with it.



Ok people, add your contributions.

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research IS NOT opening the billionth question thread ever

Groms, You should seriously read and heed the sage like words that precede mine, this advice is not given lightly but serves to make skateboarding a richer and safer experience for all of you. My advice is somewhat different however and it relates directly to one of the 5 senses, specifically the sense of smell. As it gets warmer your little man child armpits begin to emit bromhidrosis (also called bromidrosis, osmidrosis and ozochrotia). This is the smell of bacteria growing on the body. Body odour can smell pleasant and specific to the individual, and can be used to identify people, though this is more often done by dogs and other animals, than by humans. Rest assured that while the odour that you exude, which may be pleasant to you, is not necessarily considered pleasant to others. Something along the lines of when you release the colonic calliope, airbrush the undies or knock out a ghost turd, you can wallow in it while others around you are deeply offended, grossed out and a gag reflex may actually be exacerbated. That said, it would be very wise for you to write the word DEODORANT onto your mum's home shopping list.......the other significant thing you will need to do is to USE IT before you go out for a skate. The instructions are really easy, hold the can 20-30cm from your little man-child armpits and spray for a good 5 - 10 seconds. It is one thing to be a Grom, which stinks and rest assured you will grow out of it. But to be a Stinking Grom is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. You could also try showering daily....after showering repeat the application of deodorant as outlined above - hold the can 20-30cm .........

So there you have it….if you don’t want to hear these words wvery time you skate "Grom, get some fecking beoderant you filthy little crunt!" – then you definitely do not want to smell bad. If you don’t smell bad and even make it to neutral smell or even smelling nice, you might just find that you attract a different crowd of followers. That’s right, the opposite sex are not turned on by your human perfume. Over to you Groms.

I'm a grom and so are all my friends but we all aren't completely clueless like you say we are

Don't worry I like you groms!  Your always welcome at my events. Just shut up sit down and stay perfectly still.

I can spell "writing phonetically."

You talk like a mentally disabled internet pirate troll

beet said:

i wish they'd learn ter spell too..dunno wot they teach'em at school these days..

Amen to this....Skate for the thrills. Not the bills
Benbro said:

ok,since were giving groms a few tips,.stop asking me,kam,jacko,gabe or whoever,how to get sponsored all the time.its not all about being spono'd.

i get hit up on facebook all the time about this and i tell them all the same thing in a polite way,.firstly,learn to skate,be a cool guy,attend events,try to improve your results,dont talk shit,let your skating do the talking,and most of all''GET STOKED FROM SKATING'',go out with a positive attitude and remind yourself that its all about having fun,and sponsorship will come when the time is right..yes you do have to make an effort,and later on a resume of some discription can be handy to,if presented to the right person in the right way.

but yeh,worrying about it and thinking you need a sponsor to get good is not healthy,.if your passionate about somthing and you really want to do well at it,you have to go and grind out the hard yards,work for it,earn it....and then when it comes you will deserve it and respect it.

Here's a spelling lesson.

yeh i agree kelly,not sure why he does it,think its his own way of being a dick and getting away with it.

or ,he missed out on a lot of school..

Kelly Carter said:

You talk like a mentally disabled internet pirate troll

beet said:

i wish they'd learn ter spell too..dunno wot they teach'em at school these days..

haha,we all troll,the difference is,some like to give constructive comments and others just like taking the piss,which is fine every now and then,..but not cool when its all ya got

I can vouch for Beet. He's not a troll, but yeah, he'd make a pretty awesome pirate!

I don't think he really said anything wrong. Just mentioned bad spelling by spelling bad himself.

I thought it was kind of funny,...

This thread IS funny. I loved the bit about the groms with BO.

Retarded thread, Beet's a troll, someone shut it down before it gets even worse

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