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Want to grab a whole heap of people into newy or the bay for a big skate let me or phill bartlett know if your keen cause we really wantto do something big. Maybe even a race for the elite or just trick tips with sliding. Email me at nath.barnes93@gmail.comYew Out

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newy sesh this arvo (wed)
id be keen, when would it be?

oi make it at bar beach then we can skate around newcastle like a mini slide school thingy at bar or just a Longboard JAM?


yeeeah if i can grab some regular times id be keen

ps newy all the way!

anyone keen to ride with me @ king edward park this w/e, bring loads of ppl and all ur friends who skate.
where is there to skate at king edward apart from the main road thingy from BAR Beach to New police station?

the atucual park driveway thingy it wass siiiiccckkk and it conects to the footpath hill to the skatepark awsome run...   hey if ur keen im going again tomorow morning


Be carefull  on that sweeping left going down to the skatepark !!  ITS a long way down to gnarly rocks seen a few people go close to going over there ,  the posts stoped flynno one day !!!   if ya keep your speed at the bottom in the park HIT THE FUNBOX !!   i hit the big quater box (near the halfie )  on a luge and went to the flat  ;)  smokin joe sayed i was 9ft up in the air  . rode out clean with bent luge and trucks   ..... Ride safe mate !! 

i gotta go for a drive and see where you mean

nar the turns arnt bad not matter how fast and it gets wider but yer i have repect for anyone who wants to use the funbox quarter thingy off that hill.   ps i start from the posts at the top of the hill wen i hit the side walk


starting at the posts is no fun! ahahahah go from the top dude! SPEED IS GOOD!

yer i lernt that today just one fact anythurther from posts u cant see if any slow pokes are in ur way.


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