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Hey all! I just started learning to longboard and am keen as a jellybean to learn more about sliding and start bombing some hills but I don't really know anyone in the newcastle area who longboards. If anyone is keen too meet up for a skate and wouldn't mind teaching me a bit I would be super thankful! :) 

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Aside from getting in touch with the crew up in newie you need to get on the train and hookup with the girls crew in Sydney via the HopShop with LeaMaga and the Maidens of Steeze

I go here some times. its a bike track, but it has a nice steady downhill section. It helps to have a driver to take u back up, but its not necessary. you can walk it up. The best part starts in the corner of hudson st and station st, whitebridge. till cowlishow st, readhead. I would be keen for a skate. im still learning to slide tho.

shoot me a pm and i'll see when i'm around next, stupid rain- was all keen for a skate this long weekend too.

The Bike track isn't exactly downhill, get on facebook and add Brendan Andrews and tell him you skate and he will add you into the newcastle wheelyboard page then you'll find out when people are skating. get onto it 

she has been in the group for a while now callum... derp

Wasnt just saying it for her benefit its for that peck dude and any one else who wants to skate in newcastle and stumbles upon this haha 

Hey I'm from port Stephens and have been freeriding for bout a month now. If ur still keen to meet up for a board write me back k. Also I looked on Facebook cal but there's like 20 Brendan andrews, can u let me know how to get him as I'm keen as to join this crew. Thanks snyds

Hey guys

I myself am fairly new to the sport and soon Newcastle?  I am moving down from Canada next month.  I'd love to get out for some rides and learn the city, as well as meet some new people.  Looks like you poi as well Liz?  Ever thought about combining the two?  

Waaaayyy ahead of you lol though whilst in motion it's a lot harder to really keep your planes even >.< Add me on facebook (lizabeth rownes) I'm always happy to act as a tour guide :) I'm actually in the process of getting my canadian citizenship and passport (My dad is canadian) Where abouts in canada are you from? :) 

Awesome, a longboard tour of the city or 6 is always a great way to get to know ones new town.  

As, for keeping your planes well in motion?  Well, you just have to create new planes! lol  Although I don't suggest it on a large hill?

I am originally from Ontario.  How ever currently I live in Tofino BC, and have been all over this beautiful country.  Where's your Dad from?  

I will definitely add you on facebook.

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