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hey guys i rode my rayne avenger to work the other day and its was pissing down with rain so i put my board inside my boss then put it outside in the rain i had no idea so it got water logged he gave me some so im looking for a new board i want a topmount board just for DH steeze i was looking at the rayne vandal or the 2012 wolf shark eny suggestions?

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he gave me some money (misspell)

Inside your boss, wow accommodating boss!!!!


i put it inside then my boss *

Skatement speedboards australia, hit up adam baldwin and get a custom deck.

$150 plus shipping for that baby killer you were asking me about


even if i live in WA

if so i'd be more then happy to buy it from you

glyde will have the new haymaker out soon...worth the wait

fat pegion have some amazing decks. u can get a custom or one of there boards from the 2012 lineup 

i think im going to wait for the haymaker

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