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Hey guys, I'm planning to come over from Melbourne to Sydney on Tuesday (17th April) and was wondering if I could crash at anyone's place? I'll reward your kinda hospitality with good company and a slab of beer :) 

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I would be honored :) 

if you ever need a place in melbourne my door is always open ching

Add my name to this list too. Getting into Sydney about the same time...

anybody? don't leave me and dani out cold! 

Hey Ching, Lea tells me you can crash at her place, Just about every girl that's registered for Keira seem to be staying there, its gonna be the full girl house. You will however along with the rest of the girls at the house be required for the girls only skate day (secret woman's business) on the Wednesday to help teach about 60 young girls from around sydney how to look cool and have fun on a skateboard.

Dani, you will be excluded from this skate day LOL

haha cheers robbo and lea!! I'll try and make my way there by wednesday. see you guys soon! 

Bumping Chings thread.

I land in Sydney on the 16th. Looking for  place to crash and a way to get to Kiera (though I hear it's a pretty easy train trip) and of course Newtons. Anyone got ideas, space, options?

Smart ass, haha!

Robbo said:

Dani, you will be excluded from this skate day LOL

if you do not mind 2 boys 7yo and 4yo and being on a lounge sure lol

Mate, in America I slept under a tree in my leathers... I'm not so fussy. Kids kinda freak me out though

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