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i found nothing monkae trucks on silverfish, but im trying to compare the two to decide which would be more suitable for what id like... so if any1 has riden both please contribute...

no bullshitting on about crap if you dont know what your talking about, i dont want dribble i want comparisons...


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If you dont know the difference I doubt you'll feel the difference, just go with the ones you can find at the best price since both are great trucks.

munkaes have a more restrictive bushing seat, which means more "stability"

kahas are sort of the middle ground between the two types of munkaes.....

go kahas, no questions asked!!!!!

I raced the 2009 IGSA euro tour on Kahas. Then I got some Munkaes. Been using the Munkaes ever since. I sold the Kahas ages ago. Reason? Munkaes are a better truck, stronger, turn better, more stable, no defects.


At the end of the day though, its all personal preference. based on subjective opnion. So really, there is no definitive answer.

@finn, cheers, 4got bout the "u" in munkae's =S

@luan, i havnt had a chance to test out either truck yet so this is te best i can do with comparing the 2 for now...

thanx guys for the help, still leaning towards the munkae's prevailing they dont get wheelbite on my board...


You'll get huge wheelbite on a FP with Munkaes and thats personal experience.
Go to steve and get bigger wheel wells

since you are a super strong grom with mega jujitsu skills,destined to give your gear a mega thrashing, u better get Kahas matty......never heard of ,or seen a problem with them,unlike most other trucks that have their little quirks.....

kahas bro or ill thro you in the pool you strong

yea the pool sucks. aahha

they are both good trucks. plus side on the Munkaes is that you can get a narrower hanger, and a higher degree baseplate. i found they dove into turns much easier (175mm hanger, 49deg baseplate). That can help when going slower, the whole freeride slide style helps to have a divy turny truck, however you will probably need to run a narrower board to match the width of the hanger, just to get the most out of the leverage.


The kahas come at 184mm, and 45 degree, which is smack bang in the middle of everything, and they are low and very light. They can turn and dive really niceley at a slow speed and they feel amazing when carving at high speed, but after riding both i did feel i could dive a tighter sharper line when cornering on the munkaes. However the Kahalanis had a much smoother turn when carving.


all in all they are BOTH fantastic trucks, and you cant say that one is better than the other. You would just have to either try them both out to make your choice or just flip a coin, either way you wont be dissapointed

yep,you better flip a coin matty.

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