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Any skaters out there in Melbourne who can help a brother out. Would greatly appreciate it.. Melbourne has not been kind to me and need a place to crash a while till I get sorted and of course showing me some skate spots would be so good. I don't really know many people here..

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go to melbourne sessions...its already a group
posted in melb sess, looks like we're sleeping in the park... not happy jan.

i'd offer but parents...

Just curious, why'd you come down without organizing accommodation in advance?

well if u must know, we got royally fucked over. Getting badgered for weeks to come to melbourne, first day here, "sorry dudes u cant stay here". well thanks a fucking lot. yeah we havent hit our heads on pavement dude, obviously we came here thinking we'd have basic necessities such as SHELTER.
that really sucks, i hope you find somewhere to stay!
thanks dude
diff ben! :D
melbourne aint what it used to be, my place used to be open to anyone (still livin at home) but after an incident with one of the crew here its changed a fair bit, i wish i could of helped you guys out

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