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Hey Melbourne crew! I'm a Canberra grommet and ill be heading down your way for 4 days and im thinking of bringing a freeride and DH board. Id be keen to hit a few of your hills. If its to much travelling or not worth it to to them let us know and ill just bring a freeride set up and explore the city.


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E'y Josh
Bring a board for'show, get us some dates and we'll get a plan together

Don't leave us. :(

sweet man, alright so 6th to the 10th of next month and im staying in Elwood. Where abouts are you? Sounds heaps good callum cheers.

You gotta have a skate of the old Elwood Bowl, it is perfect for longboards, and it is where first generation Australian longboarders (riding Kernows) used to session, about 10 or 12 years ago, right up until around 2006 (true!).

They also used to skate at night using gas-lamps, until we got all modern and started using generators and floodlights.

The roll in is one of the easiest in the country, and will set you up for all kinds of freestyle fun!

Use the park-finder on "hateboard" to locate it.

There is also a good train station carpark close by ...

( it yourself, and keep it to yourself, otherwise they will fill it up with speed humps)

Dont use the lift, and dont skate it til after 9:30pm, or you will blow it for everyone.

yeah rad, found both those spots if your in area you should come and have a skate? Whats the closest decent downhill runs?

Thanks heaps also man

Hey guys, i'm heading down next weekend so have we got any plans set?

hey josh while your out here i recommend getting someone to take you over to switchbacks for the novelty of that run, its a micro footpath with 5 hairpins on top of each other and a nice gradient

that sounds pretty rad, any takers? Would you be keen to meet up for a skate?

yeah i would be keen to show you around a few spots, like switch backs and another big hairpin spot near it

alright thatll be good then, my numbers 0421184810, let me know what day is good for you and we can organise something. Im thinking just a freeride setup what do you reckon?

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