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I just got a Sector9 Lacey and am getting some major wheel bite if i run it as loose as i want to. So i'm wondering if someone can cut out some wheel wells for me. I will pay and would preferably not have to send it over east... however i'd still be interested to hear about anyone that can help me.


I have considered doing it myself but it would be a shit job.


Cheers, Dave

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are you running eliminators for your bottom bushing? pretty much essential on aera's
tony got it there. eliminators are the way to go for wheelbite issues with low CNC trucks... however u wont be able to ride it super jank. thats just what u get with low trucks
Nothing lammer than paying good cash for low precisions and then putting fucking risers on them, I'd rather run cast trucks than have risers on precisions. I thought their lowness was a large part of why people bought them. Listen to the guys with experience ^ they have have the runs on the board!
nothing beats the feeling of flying down a mountain road at high speeds and sliding through corners on a premium prescision truck... getting them to be nimble and alive while going slow is a different thing, it depends on the shape and size of ur board

Bro dont cut your board, it wil be devalued!!! Go get some trucks that work for Free riding like bears or Randals  and when you want to race you put your pro trucks on because your not going to turn your board that much. 

   Stop wrecking your boards. Get trucks that work with the board ! 

hey guys, cheers for all the info. it's helped heaps, i'll give an eliminator a go, but i wanted my aeras to be loose because they are soo stable even when loose so i didn't see the point in running them tighter. but cheers i'll give these ideas a crack and let you know.
if you want something thats stable and loose I'll swap you my sabres for them :)
haha... no thanks... :P

Phil Bartlett said:
if you want something thats stable and loose I'll swap you my sabres for them :)

seriously though, maybe you should consider purchasing some sabres, they sound exactly like what you are after, a bit taller so you can have your board setup to turn tightly, they are very responsive, and stupid stable still, they have incredible return to centre with the sabre bushings, even the soft ones. I have found them to be very confidence inspiring on my topmount, to the point I got a bit too carried away and was bombing very fast hills with it still setup loose to carve(purple sabres boardside, orange sabres roadside). truely sick trucks.

Maybe get some new baseplate to, get some 50 degree baseplates. less lean, more turn.
I'm going to have to agree with daddow, just buy a board that works with the trucks, i don't see the point in spending hundreds on a deck that doesn't work with your setup then having to mod it.

thanks again guys. sabre trucks sound awesome. might get my hands on some.


and when i can afford new baseplates i might get some 50 degree ones haha.



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