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OK folks, we're back after just a three-day break. The ASRA team has landed in Bathurst, and despite advance warnings of how cold it is we've still been surprised - it's brutally cold. My first task here was to buy some fingerless gloves and a very attractive hat:

Once suitably warmed we got settled into our luxury digs before heading out for some twilight mini-ramp action at the festival site. It's a 6' ramp, so more of a maxi-mini really, and it took its toll with Trav and Haggy taking some hard slams.

A blurry Trav heads for the coping, while Haggy, Blackwood, Pete and the Van of Love look on

Yes, it was cold up there. Bring your woolies. See you tomorrow. Rider check-in starts at midday at the Flannery Skillset Centre.

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Cam, Luca, P-Swiss, Robin and Ricky on the line

Wheeeere's Striker? He was missing this morning when we needed commentary and nobody knew where he was....until Hop suddenly appeared driving up the track with Striker in the passenger seat.

We've got the live video up here at the start line on a TV, and the live results on another TV, and a big crowd around both.


just saw Rob do a run on his custom made skatement yeah!!!!!!

The streaming video is wonderful! Thank you. I watched James come down the hill. It is almost like being there - without the 18 hour flight.


This feed is f..g awesome.  It looks like such a fast, smooth track.  Screw the v8's, speedboards rock this track!

the chat is where it is at people head over to that.

Practice is going smoothly, and we're ahead of schedule. We should be able to fit in four practice runs before the skateboard qualifying, which should start by 12.30.

And then if we have time after that...freeriding!

damn you guys have this sorted.

Live video feed is the bomb guys!!!!

I just chewed a months worth of data watching on my phone. Well worth it!

The feed is unreal - thanks for setting it up and the rest of it.. 

Last skateboard practice runs happening now. Then there'll be a single run of the tricycle (!) guys, and then we'll start qualifying, with Patrick Switzer the first to go, followed by Dalua.

should be fast

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