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Landyachtz Drop Hammer- $130 good condition *EDIT*- link to pics added

I have a complete drop hammer, looking to sell just the deck. It is in good condition though it does have minor cosmetic blemishes. Asking $130 OBO. In Cleveland (Queensland) but willing to ship if you pay.

I wasn't smart about the upload order but the second page has pictures of the whole board (set up with randals and gumballs) while the first page has closeups of the damage. The nose is in very good condition IMO, has not been curbed, but does have minor grazing. The tail has been used as a tail and does have some wear. Both are not at all cracked though. There are two pictures of the only cracks I could find on the board, both of which are very small and do not go all the way through. Both are at the rear; one by one of the truck screws, the other at the edge of the wheel cutout. Lastly there is a pic of the grip tape which was torn but has been glued down. There is no damage to the bamboo here.

PS: I know the griptape is kinda dirty so if you want I'd be willing to wash it off as best I can.

PPS: sister is 15... young much?

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ah, you do realise they are $135USD brand new right?

or do you mean cleveland, queensland, australia?
I highly doubt you could get a new one for $135
$230 New in australia

$135USD = $155AU
+ $80 to get it here
and you still get $235
Just realized I made a mistake in the original post: my deck is the drop hammer, not the drop carve. Dunno what i was thinking when i posted this, and how I failed to notice that critical mistake, but yah, I'm guessing this will change things.

And yes, I do mean Cleveland, near Brisbane. Anyone interested??

Also if anyone is in the area I'd be be happy to meet up.. I got here a week ago and so far have been stuck hanging out with my sister.
mite be good to have pics up knob
how old's your sister???

haha jks jks.

cam chillz buddy, ya knob. :D
want yur board snapped? haha

David Evans said:
how old's your sister???

haha jks jks.

cam chillz buddy, ya knob. :D
lol good luck with that cam, my board is 12 inches of hardened black supporting rod. ;D cher boi!!!
bump... heading back to the states in a week and kinda worried about flying this
if you can arrange shipping to Rapid Creek, Darwin NT 0810 for around $20 $30 ill definitely snap up your drop hammer, ive been interested in getting one for a while now


sorry already back in the US so not for sale anymore

jake dyason said:
im interested if you can give me an estimated P&H to Darwin, Northern Territory postcode 0810. been very keen to get my hands on the drop hammer would be muy apreciada, the other thing is, ive got a brother in Labrador who might be able to pick it up if its doable

no worries



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