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OK crew, after last year, ill be fucked if im driving 16hrs to Bathurst by myself again... My back just wont make it. So, i am proposing this:

Price Details

Pick up: Wednesday, 25 November 2009 from: Brisbane
Return: Monday, 30 November 2009 to: Sydney
Vehicle: Kea 6ST Berth Deluxe
Daily Rate: $305.00
Duration: 6 days
Rental Total: $1,830.00
Insurance Total: $360.00
1 Way Fee : none
Included Deposit: $438.00

Total Charge: AUD $2,190.00

We pick these bad boys up in brissy and then drop em back to Sydney after the event and fly home... The cost is split between 6 people... I know that means you will have to share a bed, but hey... im not scared... $350.00 each... + flight back and fuel is about $500.00 each...

At the moment i am trying for sponsorship on a swagman... lol Wish me luck, but failing that, we have to sort this asap as the flights will get booked out and so will the vans.

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ive got my own van kev so count me out bro...good luck and no back roads this year im taking the highway..
i had enough bromance in townsville kev, and naths comment to me one morning about leeso's activities through the night still leave me wondering if i should say something to the police, good idea but not gonna make any plans so i can go with the flow in the week before newtons.
you could be on to something here Kev , have you any further thoughts and comments yet . Josh and my wife and I could well be keen starters , even if we just had a 3/4 birth to ourselves and followed the road train... lance 0413 753221
Yeah I might be in the same boat as Lance - I think my dad will be driving me and few mates down, would be cool to follow you guys down.
OK Lance, Josh, and Issac... we have started a revolution. Leah, Tont, Mel, Luke, German, Ben and a few others have said they are keen so spread the word. I have also been in discussions with SWAGMAN who have indicated they are willing to sponsor us and provide a nice discount on a swagman... Traveling in style boyz :) Ill keep ya posted!
any further news ?
kevs gay u guys. party in the back seat.

this lil whipper snapper is doin the road trip from hell with team norway, dennis and the twins. team red wine and the hairy grapes is where its at. surf, sk8 and drink our way down the coast. now dosent this sound like the shit
watch your bums boys, kevdog having the party in the backseat hahaha
The Word from Canada is that one of the drivers might have wear a condom you tell me , who's goin to tell his misses then ......
any news boys ; we gunna have us a convoy or wot ?

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