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was lookin at the abc news site..story on primordial black holes..this image is a nasa cgi thingy i it ..looks remarkably like a deck clad with early grippa griptape and  one of the truck bolt holes, a bright light giving the effect of stars... have i got it bad or wot..haha ?!

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hahahahahahahahaha woah!!!!

damn thats confusing


Thread of the day
Wow, that just blew my mind.
i wouldnt say grippa but holy shit!
This thread is what the "Like" button is for, because it's cool but there's nothing really to say.

see, that's actually a pretty cool analogy, because a lot of the theories surrounding superdense black holes involve them being (for want of a better word) a 'hole' in the universe - a dip or puncture in space-time. As 2D representations go, the hole in grip tape isn't too bad.

wonder if our universe rocks a W cave.
i like your black hole theory better than anything Einstein or Hawking have come up with lol
There is no way that I am gunna put my feet on your deck!
so the universe is a topmount?

It's well known that Gnarvity warps timespace.


That picture doesn't seem right. I'm sure there should be at least some vortex around the event horizon, but if Nasa has decided to publish it....

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