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i have been fed a lot of bullshit in my life over my choice to pursue gravity racing, but till this day have never felt betrayed, check the thread before it's deleted and have your say, speak up! it was originally our event, now a pathetic excuse for a race and to wean dollars from anything that comes near it. no wonder the wild life is never around and kangaroos have such large pockets.



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can we pay the $25 when we get there?

You can pay when you get there.

Michael English said:

can we pay the $25 when we get there?

Wait a sec.. I don't see how $25 is a big deal at all! I mean, how much fun can you have with $25? A movie and a feed at the candybar would prolly cost more! Not trying to cause a shit storm, but honestly, I would have paid $50 HAPPILY to have gone. Shame I wasn't able to get out there :(

It was a great weekend.

The point was not that camping was $25.

It was that the competators already pay alot for entry costs to race and to get to the event (not many would have change from $500, and most in the $1000's, and after paying for the privlage of providing entertainment for the crowd who the promoters should be making there money off, the promoters of the event want to sting competators again to camp in a campground, and then again to purchase their drinks.


This is old news anyway.

We came, we rolled the mountain . No political bullshit at the event, and everyone had a ball.

Put Keira and Newtons on your list of must do's next year no mater what the cost.


Don't worry, they will be ;)

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