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hey guys just got some ROO wheels the other day and man they anr awesome, sooo smooth plus they have little mags on them i use them on my longboard aswell !!!!!!

Roo Wheels Australia began in 2006. The new skateboard wheel concept and design was developed by NAMIS Engineering. The relationship resulted in a wheel that performs greater and also adds a new stylish fashion to skate wheels. Roo Wheels Australia is in the process of building a solid foundation over the next 12 months, with the manufacturing and distributing of their wheels as well as the continued design of boards and other future projects. This will ensure the product(s) are second to none. Roo Wheels are also environmentally friendly, aluminum can be recycled and urethane can be replaced instead of disposing of the whole item.
Roo Wheels Australia’s mission is to supply elite skate products and accessories that are of the highest quality and also to be recognized as leaders in skate trends, reliability and world-class performance.
Launching 2011. Visit

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charlie send me your address bro.. to

charlie harris said:

Yea if your sending people test wheels send me some! Ill see how they go for freeriding, are they designed to slide? or are they meant to be grippy.

yo, these wheels look rad is there anymore spots for testing?

Hey Aaron,

If your free come to the ditch on thursday.


did anyone receive any roo wheels,?if so how did they go?,interested to hear the feedback from longboarders that were the test pilots.


See my post above re ditch,

havnt seen or heard from him yet, i figured if he was from melb he'd come and see us.

Aaron you should send me a set ill give you a groms perspective aha

Aaron I sent you my adress a while ago, havent received any wheels yet. 

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