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See, my birthday is coming up soon. And I want to get a new board, because I'm just not really satisfied with my board. It's a Drifter. But I want to get the BC Moray. I love the board, it has everything I want with it. My Dad doesn't mind, but my Mum just gets angry at me. I said I'm willing to pay for a bit of it, but she just gets pissed. How can I convince her?

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Tell her it is the skateboard or drugs :) Her Choice



I already have a board and I don't like it.

I'm asking for a new one for my birthday.


Not, I don't have one and I want one.

pffft! get a job ya bum and stop leeching off your parents, or maybe a tantrum like a 2 year old might work..


If your parents do end up buying you this board, you won't respect it and get bored of it in two weeks and be in exactly the same spot you are in now.


If you buy it with your hard earned, you will love and cherish it forever....

I'm asking it as a birthday present.


I will respect it, I won't get bored. It's a much better board, I've rode it before and I love it.


It will be take me a long time to get the money.

ahahha not necessarily...

i got a vault dropdown with my hardearned cash, and it sucked absolute balls...

i still havent been able to get rid of it...


how about this...

you buy the board now with your own money,

and then you ask your rich arse parents for money on your birthday and at christmas....


Did you ever ride the Vault?

 And I have no money...




I don't have any old skate gear.

But, did you ride it before you got it?

Parents in the Hopshop - it is all about safety. If you can convince your mum that your old board is unsafe and the new one is safer then you might have a shot.


If your parents have the money and you have the need you should be able to come to some arrangement. You just need to ask your mum what do I need to do to get this over the line. ie how many chores do i need to do to make this happen. See the difference? You are asking for permission so by her saying no means it wont happen, less pain. Telling her it is going to happen, and she gets a benefit (chores done) then you have a way of getting her onside.


Easier to get forgiveness than permission...

Your Dad wants you to have the deck, so where's the problem?  Do a deal. Dad if I can get $100 for my drifter, get $50 in cash for my birthday will you give me the rest, put it on your credit card, and we dont tell Mum, we tell her its an upgrade after I sold my drifter - is that a deal? (make it so he can only say yes) If he says no, say this deck is really cool, do you want your son to be a loser? When you were a kid didn't you want the best?


How many $5 do you need to get a BC Moray?

Yer with mine i just act all calm and give her reasons why i need it

abd say liek oh my current boards good im jsut improvign alot as a rider and with this new board i will be able to do and try soo eny new things, and say like its amde from .... and it gives it wateva qualities and tell ehr yourve reasearched it heaps and all the reviews on it excatly suits to what you want to do


works everytime ;) 


Hop, that's really helpful.

I want to keep my drifter though...

My board is perfectly safe, I just don't like it.

Even If I said my board was unsafe, she wouldn't believe me.

I'll tell her I'll do more chores.

I'll take the dogs for walks and stuff like that.

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