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Melbournes Premier Longboard and Skateboard Store, all the proddy you have ever dreamed of under one roof!

Hemley Skateboarding                                                         

Upstairs 259a Brunswick St Fitzroy Victoria 3065

Ph: 03 9419 3121



Monday-Friday 11-6

Saturday 10-6

Sunday 11-5


Awesome prices, range, service and more! We deliver all over Australia free of charge.

Give us a buzz, flick an email or jump on facebook for more info!


Yes thats right we have 3 facebook pages, one dedicated to Longboarding, the other all things Skateboarding and finally our Hemley Store page which is our store below our skate shop which is full of awesome clothes and shoes!


Hope to see you in store soon!



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do u guys have drop through backplates for Comet FSM old model with Indy 215?

New Black and white Callis in, both 44 and 50's... $80 a set, free postage

No Arbor at all, sorry man..

michael lilburn said:

hi there

do you have any arbor Vugenhausen in stock or planing to get some

not entirly sure what you mean by back plates... nose gaurds? or foot stops?

Gabriel said:

do u guys have drop through backplates for Comet FSM old model with Indy 215?

Hey All,

Do you do Pool King boards?


No pool king sadly, we have some Dogtown double kicks in atm, around 42" as well as Earthwing. 

when can i by a 2011 wolf shark

Hemley Skateboarding said:

Hey guys, just letting you know that we have stacks of the latest board still in stock.

Rayne 2011- Nemesis, Hell Cat, Vendetta, Both Kill Switches, Demonseed, Avenger and more!

Landyachtz 2011- Switchblade, Wolfshark, Time Machine, Nine to Five, Drop Speed, Carbon Evo (2010), Carbon Nine to Five, Evo and Many More.

Earthwing- Supermodel 38 and 40, Belly Racer, Mystery Model, Super Charger.

Sayshun- Charger, Rogue, Compass

Sector 9 Downhill- Annika, Brandy, Natasha, Roxanne


should have some in on friday, will let you know then mate

Wow man I am so impressed to see these luxurious and formal HyperOutdoor designs of skateboards and longboards. I really never seen this much verity at the same place and my curiosity to visit this shop to buy these HyperOutdoor skateboards and longboards has increased.

So thanks a lot Hemley showing me around these HyperOutdoor boards.

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