ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association


We have been spreading the stoke since ’71,  selling skateboards of all shapes and sizes. We've skate memorabilia that can bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardcore skater.


We stock all the major brands in store, and can order just about anything in for you. Want that hard to find piece? Drop us a line. Want to see what that concave is really like? Come in and feel it between your toes.


This is the place to ask about stock (the websites as old as our memorabilia) and we’ll post here about any new or interesting items, so keep your eyes peeled


Support your local, they’re your first sponsor on your way to stardom. And remember, we’re real people, we can grip your board, fix your setups and answer your questions, so give us a holler, we don’t bite. We are also down to support any local events you may be planning (we have been doing it for 40 odd years), so come in have a chat about how we can help


29 Ipswich Rd
Woolloongabba 4102
Queensland AUSTRALIA.


Opening hours:

Weekdays: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am to 4pm
Sunday: 10am to 3pm



Phone: 07 3391 8588

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New kit, as of today

 Landyachtz - Evo's, 9-two-Fives, Carbon Mummies

Loaded- Dervishes, Vanguards, a Bhangra

Flexdek- L37

Ground Industries- Just about everything

Comet- Voodoo doll's

Otang- all flavours

Abec- Flashies, Strikers, No Skoolz, Retro Freerides

Hawgs- Zombies in both flavours

Ground Industries- coming out of our ears

Jessup- The new 'course' stuff. Hello cheap viscios.


Up and coming

Sector- DH Division kit, more than you can count on your toes (and for an incredible price)

Earthwing- Slide kit, in addition to the regular gear

Rayne- One can only hope....


how much are the zombies? 


$84.95 a set


Alex Ker said:

how much are the zombies? 


ohh sweet thats a heaps good price

how much for in heat and 4 prez


Hi Declan

4prez go for $89, as do Stims. Durians for $85 and In Heats for $99.

We also have a range of cheaper wheels, such as Flashies ($75) and Retro Freerides ($79.95)


The new landyachtz lineup will be hitting our shores shortly, and when it does, we'll be carrying it

Declan Cawley said:

how much for in heat and 4 prez


dervish price?
$439, with Otangs,Randals/Paris and Reds

Billy said:
dervish price?

ah sorry

$235 for the deck

Billy said:


what bearing do you have???

they have to be ones that are cleaing friendly, like reds that you can remove the casing. just wondering if you can bring some to monkey pig and if you can do me a good price as i am a fellow donater of a prize. haha. As a backyard builder of custom boards i am not rich to i have to ask.

pm me cause i have already added you.

Randals are no longer $59.95ea but $45.95...  i believe we've got 3 sets of raw 180s at the moment.

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