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hey guys and gals where can i buy a glyde board cheers

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Buy it from pete hill, send him a msg
he probably wont be able to make one for a while though
If you want the praxis/gnosis, they are out of stock on hopkin so try sending steve daddow a message
or buy one second hand, there is a topmount praxis for sale im not sure if its sold or not
cheers bro

hopkin skate stock 3 of them

Shredder board store. They have 6 or 7 styles of Glyde check it out on Facebook.

but mine one of a kind

buy mine new and unused


why did you buy a board and then not use it, glydes are made to be ridden not rapped in cotton wool and put in away to sell at a later date.


do you know how hard it is to run a shop and not set them all up and go and ride them? too hard thats why I set up one of each and rode them.


and thats why I know they are so good!

cuz i got a cunt load of boards

so just a mini then?






how many?

that many i dont evin know

hopkin, boardshop, any aussie shop will do ya good

Mack stop buying boards and spend that dosh on some spelling lessons ;)

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