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Having trouble choosing one any recommendations?

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ive ridden both and easily whyte line swallow the concave is amazing !

whyte line HANDSDOWN

same stuff on the outside(melamine)

but the whyte line is wayyy thinner and lighter, and the concave is a lot more comfy imo...

also, you have a lot more standing platform, and you can get a lot closer to the front trucks due to the glyde not having the wheelwell flares..

also, the glyde is aussie made, so your supporting your own scene, not one overseas..

The fullbag is great, I wouldn't mind having one, but much of it's design is hype, trying to get sales in a market where branding seems to be the only difference between boards.


The glyde is thin as paper, but stiffer than, well... stiffer than the men who watch victoria secret... no hype, all rad.


Would have to agree with everyone, the whyte line is sweet.

I'm getting the Whtye Line. Seriously gnarly :)

me too cant wait for it. concrete lines has like 20 of them in stock

i should buy 20 :D

I don't think they actually have 20, thats just how they have their store setup, i went looking at some other stuff like AERAs and they say they have 20 sets.


also the price doesn't include grip, which means that both Hopkin racing and Shredders board store have it cheaper and with grip, $228 at hopkin and $225 at shredders.


also Shredders have a Benbro prototype, the only one I have seen for sale anywhere.

fear enough never bought from shredders. whats the benbro like i wanna see one


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