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Selling my set of 200 Kookies. They have been sitting un-used for quite a while (i've got two sets), so i figure someone out there will be able to put them to good use!


They are one of the earlier sets, so the baseplates are drilled to 6mm holes, not the regular 5mm ones, so you may need to drill your deck holes out just a touch to fit them.


They have your reglar wear and tear from riding, couple of scratches and some pitting from getting hit by rocks etc.


I will set them up with black Jimz's, and also include some old 6mm bolts.


Looking for $300 for the pair, and happy to post out, or can meet up in brissy to collect.


Will get some photo's up this afternoon.


Cheers, Ash.

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sounds like a pretty sweet deal,ill c how i go on pay day this wk and ill let u no,but im definatly considerin it
no worries, let me know mate!
just wonderin tho,how does drilling ur holes bigger effect ur set up wen u go back to using trucks that hav 5mm holes?
drill all your other trucks and boards to suit 6mm
what pete said works.

either that, or just be super careful when you drill the holes, and make sure you use a nice sharp and correctly sized bit. This will limit the amount of slop in the holes when you go back to smaller bolts. i have used regular trucks on a board i drilled for 6mm, and i was just careful when i put the trucks on that they weren't out of alignment, and haven't had any issues.

either that or you could get fancy and get some aluminium tubing with an outer diameter of 6mm, and inner of 5mm, and insert them in the holes in the truck.
still up for grabs ash?
yeah mate!!!!
any pictures? :)
Ash i'll give you $500 for them
oh wait they've been sold... oh well

u already sold them,fuck,aww well maybe next time,cheers anyway dude



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