ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

yeah yeah..i know,

i could make one m'self, but dont wanna, i am an earthmoving contractor not a chippie..

anyhoos, us 4 ultra gnadded shredburgers got 10 boards in the house between us now, its all 'dicks n decks' and... s'only a matter of time a'fore the missus (she who should be obeyed) turns real schnarly (sounds a bit like gnarly dont it ? but without the happy ending)

anyone know if  an oz shop is stockin' em..searched a couple, no cigar ?


thankya kindly

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Landyachtz have some but i dont think you can get them in Aus..


There is a guy on ebay -  islandsk8r is his username. Makes awesome freestanding and wall mount racks that hold 5 boards. They are light and well priced. He is not selling any at the moment but maybe send him a message and see what he has to say

ask someone in your area to make you one, they are really not very hard to make...


if robbo or bugz see this, i recon you mods should make a forum section just for beets disscussions!


I just got one from the local surf shop, an old globe one that took up too much floor space and he was happy to get rid of it. It did take me a year to convince him that globe wasn't the greatest sk8board maker since s9 though, good luck

Just make ya own while you watch crappy tv.

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