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Might be an interesting topic rather than board, trucks and wheel comparisons.
What your theories people.
Cover it up keep it moist and sterile.
Or let it dry out and keep betadine on it???
Or some wonder spray on skin that heals in a jiffy????

No turning this into a picture gallery forthe biggest road rash.

Who would of thought that the flood would was away the foot path. Ggggggrrrrrrrr. Off to get some dressings from the hospital

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Having left my DNA, along with my dignity, on Hillcrest Road, Pennant Hills (outside the Police Station on Christmas Day 1995) on the Pedestrian side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (following World Youth Day - thanks Pope) as well as two different sessions at Pumpy I might be a bit of an authority here. I have tried them all.

Cover up, keep moist using Opsite. My most preferred method due to the body doing it's own thing to heal itself in sterile circumstances. All better after about 5 days.

Let it dry out...betadine blah blah blah.... the time it takes to dry out is sufficient that I was not allowed into the marital bed for nearly a week. Oozing pustulence on the sheets does not turn my wife on. Negative on the dry out.

Plastic skin/ Spray skin - spray this on and you will experience the most intense and evil pain for a full 60 seconds. It will also not seal the wound properly and it will ooze like buggery. PAIN - Imagine a slug being covered in salt is what this spray is like on your wound. DO NOT EVER DO IT. You could apply it to an injured mate, have a GoPro ready and film it - good for ASRA members to watch. Stay out of his way though - he will get uber angry.

Yep....the cover up, keep it moist and sterile is the answer. At night Glad Wrap helped. Glad Wrap or cling film the elbow/ knee or whatever part of your body lost skin. This stops any weeping from the Opsite.

Best thing is to wear the right safety gear; don't ride beyond your own limitations and like Daddow has shown us - learn how to fall. Good Luck.

PREVENTION! its for you!

if prevention fails, from experience im siding with bruiser here, the times i've let it live free its taken longer to heal. depends on size and location. personally i leave it be if its not somewhere affecting my sleep or my day to day life.

just keep it clean and douse it in betadine every mornin/night

i leave it to a medical pro to correct me 

Got th stick on gauze from the hospital stick straight on leave it there for 5 days the soak in cooking oil for two hours and remove. Keeps it clean and let's it breath. Best of both worlds. But sore and sorry right now. Oh well. To old for this.

Clean the wound thoroughly with clean water, and then put Opsite on it. Keeping it moist means faster healing and less scarring. It's also comfier and you don't stick to your clothes or your sheets.

My 13yr old girl looks the same poor boss 

cover ALL road rash and change the bandage every day. if not every day then try your best to do it every 2nd day.

keep it clean, keep it covered. or get staph

yes of course pain management helps too

Use non-stick gauzes if possible...i once spent about 20 minutes in a shower slowly peeling off a gauze which my wound tried to heal into. 

Also, I wasn't able to find any from my local pharmacy last time i stacked, but my doctor recommended silvadene cream. It's normally used for burns, but will also do well with road rash.

I had this nasty road rash (2 spots by my left elbow, 1: 30mm x 10mm.. 2:10 mm x 15mm) from when I was learning to slide the first time. I had hit the same spot 3 times in about an hour. I asked my landlord (who used to be a boxer) how to best fix it and he suggested warm salty water dabbed on to the area 3 times a day. It dried out by the end of the day and scabbed nicely in about 2 days. By 10 days, the scab fell off and new skin was good to go

use betadine at on it for all times, when skating, keep it covered. When not skating, let it dry but it depends where the road rash is...

This was an interesting article I read a while back, worth a read I reckon. 

Cool article. Good to see everyone's thoughts.
Thanks some good stuff. Heaps 9f groms should read this.

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