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Really want to get started longboarding.  Anyone have any deck suggestions for a n00b?  I've been knocking around on regular skateboard lately and can push/kick and that's about it.


Have seen a few people suggesting the Earthwing superglider?  I'd mainly be using for wkd fun and commutes.  


Any ideas appreciated. 



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Only advice is buy something reputable and in good nick- more expensive but easier to move on if you don't want it. Like a Rayne Nemisis :)

Oh and before you ask about any more decks on this forum. Type it into google along with the word "Sliverfish" and research it or this collective body will flame you to the depths of hell. Don't ask about which boards/wheels/bearing/grip tape is the best for sliding/dh/cruising. Research before you ask!!!!

the 9two5 and the vendetta are more for downhill right?

Tuure Pineapple said:

Get a 9two5 or a vendetta IMO. Good for most speeds you will be doing. Being no front or back, little easier to head in the direction you want to go. Looser trucks, larger wheels without fear of wheelbite. Easier to push. Better for more allround things. Better than a tan tien, yet they are quite different.
Vendetta is a fair bit lighter, yet more expensive than a 9two5, just saying.

Both those boards fall in the same category as your board. The main difference being the vendetta is not a completely stiff board. Its better for freeriding and cruising than dh though it can handle speed.

both are good but abit pricer than mine haha. probably any of those 2 can be my next longboard!

There are a few dettas and 925's on the market place for around $150

thats for the deck alone right? i think its better if a beginner get a complete?

Cents said:

There are a few dettas and 925's on the market place for around $150

id get a landyachtz switchblade not too long a boss downhill board and a good slider if you get it. you wont have to upgrade ur board for a wile.

if your on a budget buy an earthwing, the price tag on them is very good and they quality is world class


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