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Hey guys i got a small crack that came with my new deck (pulse carbon with 925 shape)

Should i just leave it or glue it up the crack is at the edge of the board not nose

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send it back and ask for a replacement!
glue and clamp
Its custom made and it took 4 months to come so i dont really want to wait another 4. What type of Glue under the carbon fiber is bamboo so wood glue?
contact pulse and ask, it's maker knows best

stephen.mhsrider said:
contact pulse and ask, it's maker knows best

two part epoxy and clamps

thats what carbon fiber is filled with, ( not clamps)

Araldite is an Epoxy based glue, and if you sent it back thats all they'd use to fix it.

5minute Araldite, glue it, clamp it, and skate it 20 minutes later.

I would email the maker and ask for advice.

Over the years I have learned to avoid decks made with Bamboo, and carbon fibre, since these materials are not durable enough, and very difficult to repair, unless you are a wizard with those materials.

hot glue would do just fine

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