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so, just this week i had a minor crash, with road rash on both elbows, a badly bruised thumb, and a few road rash's to the hips. $250 later my parents have just told me they dont want me to longboard again, because every time i go out skating they sit at home waiting for a call from someone, that Daniel (me) is in an ambulance, which of course is quite a shock, even though its never happened. after every session i come home with a few new wounds, and they're quite fed up with it. I am however getting better are longboarding and coming home with very few grazes each week. 

I would like some help on how to convince my parents on how to get me back into the skating world. 
(yes i wear all padding wherever i can, except elbow guards, but gonna invest in some when and if i come back to longboarding) 

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Pad up and make your self some decent slide gloves or tell them if not longboarding then deadly snake venom milking or base jumping :)

it never gets any better. I'm 53 and my parents still hate me skating (and it's what I do for a job - sort of). Just ride and enjoy the syoke

Daniel,  if your grandparents are still around/alive ask them what your parents got up to as kids and if they ever rebelled against them.  Then use that in an arguement against them.  Otherwise there is the option of wearing long sleves or long pants to cover the grazes unless your folks awlays undress you.

Ask your parents if they've heard of the following:- Captain James Cook, The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas McNell.  I know all of their folks didn't want them going out and doing crazy shit but where would the world be if they listened.  The only one i know who did listen to his folks was Thomas McNell, a former employee of mine who's folks never let him do anything and he unfortunately dropped dead from an aneurism watching tv aged 22.  You only live once, enjoy it how YOU want whilst you can.  You parents had their chance and if they fucked it up thats their fault.

My parents dad keeps on saying that being killed on a skateboard is preventable.  He also says that a car is a million times safer, everyone who rides a skateboard ends up being hit by a car and in hospital and that I might get killed while crossing the road is bullshit... some people have no reasoning.  I can take comfort in knowing that he has few sane years left... well he was never really sane...



As Davin and Adrian said, enjoy your life while you can and get high on the Stoke!

fighting a loosing battle there Tim. you're a crazy fucker on a board so I know where they are coming from. Just kidding mate. refer to your last sentence. ;)


SKittles,  i've been hit by a car twice now and survived both times (one of those times was $4200 damage to the car) and yet i have a dumb ass lazy cunt of a staff member that stresses me so much i had a cardiac arrest at work the other week and needed to be resussetated and then have surgery to survive.  Go figure?  Work or skateboarding - i know which one will be the death of me and it ain't skateboarding

Haha! They have never even seen downhill skateboarding being done in their life, it's quite funny really

I've been riding skateboards on the street for the last 42 years and have NEVER been hit by a car nor hit one myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks heaps guys!

my parents have recently have let me skate again! probably because of all the advice i've shown them all the stuff you've written, cheeeers !

but for future, i shall just come home with longpants and a jumper ! :P

Just wear your pads, gloves and helmet and you'll keep everyone happy. good luck and stay upright, sort of.


Awesome dude! Your parents seem like resonable people, I like resonable people, I like your parents!

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