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i know this is possibly the most annoying thing to ask about on asra, but what the hell.

even after soaping my pivot cups and doing pretty much everything else ive read about , these trucks make a horrible noise. not just a little sqeak , but a large cracking noise which i can actually feel when  turning.

please dont critisise me , i just want help, because i really hate buying brand new trucks and they squeak so much even after doing everything.


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confused what way to put your what ? calibers ?

Like a randal. Bolt thread and weak part of the bolt inside the baseplate were it is supported, smooth part and strongest part of the bolt at the hanger where it cops the most stress and is endlessly rubbed at different angles by the hanger.


Jack Nolan said:

So are the kingpins meant to be like they come with randals or like they come with paris?
I'm always confused as to which way to put mine in.

Major deja vu. I feel like i've already seen this thread and asked this question but i clearly haven't :S

wont it copp the most stress at the baseplate because there is where the actual bending is taking place since it is supported there?

if you put a piece of cast iron in a vice, and hit the top with a hammer, its not going to break the top, itll break where it is fixed to the vice...

the same principle would apply,  having the strongest part of the kingpin, ie the smooth part, at the baseplate where the most force is being concentrated...

just how it works in my head and i could be totally wrong..


Nice one Robbo. Worked great on a set of randals that I was never very happy with, but could never put my finger on the problem.  I dont think the strengh of the thread is a worry, but the thread has a much lower tolerance on the outer diameter, and easily crushed, so may be a bit sloppy in the hole and wear over time.  Would it be better to ream out and polish the hole in the hanger?
no, the more you take out of the hole, the more the tolerance for the kingpin increases, which gives you more slop....

I was having the same problem. Robbo is the sickest! No more clicks from my 50 cals :D

I had this problem for a while and ended up riding it out. Now my bushing seat hole has had the sides eaten away by the kingpin, and looks more liek a gunmetal 2.0 bushing seat now. Well at least I get more lean...
I did try inverting the kingpin at one point, but I didnt like it much because I often change my roadside bushings which is way easier with the hex head in the baseplate. Multiple changes also led to the kingpin eating away at the baseplate hole/tunnel as well, so now there's more kingpin slop. If I wanted to solve this from the beginning I would buy a longer kingpin and saw off the top part of the threads.

Just me though.

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