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What does everyone think about the 44's?


Going to put them on my avenger and just wondering what would be the best size for shredability...

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They're good. Go get some.
i like this
best cast trucks in the world

this ^

this is true

Do you guys like these over the 'Fifty Cal'
havent tried the fifty cal, but it would be sick also, just not as boss leany...
I ride the fifty's for freeriding, its pretty sick. Calibers are probably the most solid cast truck for DH or FR on the market at the moment.
alrighty sick shit fellas, might be going in with clinton and ordering some
44's are Rad, get them.
just make sure you ditch those cup washers eh Matthys, they really killed the lean
bought some from goodtime the other day. the turn and stability ratio is amazinggg compared to any other cast truck. if you want trucks for under 100 dollars then get these. closest thing to precisions i have felt. i reckon every dh and freeride skater should own a pair of these.

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