ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

It's official - our hometown hero Jackson Shapiera is now riding for Sector 9...


(lifted photo off web, sorry SkateAus!)

I'm sure there will be an official announcement soon, but in the meantime read all about it:

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yeah yeah we all new!! good job bro
have to get some new leathers eh...
great work mate!!!
on ya jacko
haha theres a surprise. good stuff bro u rip and deserve it
Congrats mate!
I just spent half an hour looking for an incriminating quote that I remember but cant find any more though something along
the lines of,

fuck rayne everyone go buy a sector9

hope they give you a promodel,
that could explain why in the pic of the race decks a few of them had the same name on them.
Jacko and Lacey skating down a hill, S T E E Z I N G
so no more rayne?
Yesssssssssss Jacko!
wat is sector 9?

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