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you post the stupidest threads ever.
vicious i believe is the best, I've ridden vicious, gator, early and so on, early is just another version of gator but with less rocks, and vicious has tinier rocks that are sharper than gator, its a big more expensive but worth it. all 3 are decent, comes down to personal preference.
arent the early rocks massive?
yeah, and spread out, you want smaller rocks and more of them.
Early griptape is great! it varies from batch to batch. Sometimes you are unlucky enough to get a shitty batch that gets bald spots after 5 toesides. Sometimes you get a great batch that barely wears! either way its still gritty as fuck. And you can cover 2 boards with the amount you get! depending on board size

connor is right, you do get alot of wear out of it, and covers two boards,but it still aint as rock sharp as vicious.

vicious really wears down. i have it on my 120y and im switching to gator when it wears out
it does wear out quicker, but when you get shit in it, like dirt, if becomes shitty, just gotta clean it!
first wheels, now this. derp
just slap on some vicisious griptape ;)

I like viscious but any of the "extra gritty" type grips will all be pretty similiar.

Check out



madrid big rock

viscious etc

get whatever then go out and skate it, doesnt really matter.

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