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Im guessing everyone here has had some gnarly crashes, lets see the carnage..

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Haggy's shoulder:

Click the image to see it in hi-rez glory.
loving the excrement lol owchies

shouldn't that be hi-rez GORY?????????????


Um Ok here is my right arm two weeks ago, snapped pretty bad. they had to take out some old metal and replace it with a 20cm titanium plate i snapped both the radus and ulna in half and i reackon i would have been doing ten klms max. just landed weird on some super hard ceramic tiles near st peters train station, riding a force dragon. needless to say im off the board for a while this was the third break to that arm in five years and im right handed DOH!
shit, thats pretty nuts

keep em coming..
changing hands always makes a difference
Yeah thank god i got missus, and wippin my ass and shaving sucks ass

My Left collarbone, plate, bone graft, 6 screws. Feels alright now.
I had a broken right wrist a few yrs ago.................learning to wipe the arse with your wrong hand was an effort, however, comes in handy in Indonesia, the left hand is for wiping, the right is for eating. wanking as we all know can be done with either either or both LOL

Once upon a time my right arm was a bit sore, so i had this pin put in for a couple of years,
then taken out. Still got a bit of permanent nerve damage tho.
Feels alright now.
mmm grazes are gonna be fun today at swimming carnival.

Im just devo that I put a massive gash in both my crails.

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